Depression - Plunging into the Void

Madhumitha Venkatesh
1 min readNov 7, 2018
Man at Work, Bratislava (Source)

Bouts of depression, literally feels like being pushed into a void.

Pitch black, nauseating and claustrophobic.

However, this void never always existed.

When we experience intense emotions like grief, guilt, shame or fear, we lose a part of ourselves, our power, to these emotions. Over time if left unaddressed, these emotions create the voids in our being.

The power or the part of yourself that you lose to these emotions are never destroyed. They lie at the bottom of these voids, waiting to be retrieved.

That’s why, anyone with a history of depression has found themselves in this void, time and again, because they are intuitively drawn to the missing part of themselves.

The only way out is to plunge yourself into the void courageously and keep swimming until you reach the bottom. For, the missing part of yourself lies there patiently waiting for a happy reunion.



Madhumitha Venkatesh

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