Contemplations on Love

Madhumitha Venkatesh
2 min readApr 19, 2019

My realisations as I trail along its meandering course

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Myriad Hues of Love

Love is the result of the alchemy between souls
Just like how each one of us is beautifully unique,
The alchemy that results from the interaction of souls lends to
A myriad hues of love.

Each hue wonderful and unique as the individuals themselves.

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To Love

When the skin wrinkles,
the eyesight dims and
the mind slows down,
To love then has and will always be a choice.

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When in Love

Always remember,
your love for someone
does not depend on their love for you.

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Our Capacity to Love

After a series of heartbreaks I realise that every time your heart breaks,
It grows in size when it heals,
Enabling you to hold more love and capable of giving more.
So, the purpose of a broken heart is to simply test the limits of how much
Your heart can expand and your capacity to love.

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How to Love

Be there and hold ground like a rock,
Caress and soothe like a river,
Energize like the sun and
Set them free like the wind.

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Spacious Love

Love is like the air- light, helps us stay alive and needs to move constantly.
Just like how the air in a closed room feels stale and suffocating,
the love between two people who hold on and cling to each other turns sour.
Then, one must open the doors and windows, to love anew.

Madhumitha Venkatesh

Lover of the abstract. Inspired by all things urban, my pieces are meant to spark individual thought and moments of zen.